Vision & Mission


We imagine a province where every person can experience a deep connection with nature, play and learn outdoors, and live in harmony with their natural surroundings.


The mission of SaskOutdoors is to connect people to the outdoors and inspire curiosity and play in nature by passionately delivering programs and services that promote ecological understanding and environmental responsibility.

SaskOutdoors Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles



SaskOutdoors works collaboratively with a diversity of partners and organizations to achieve our mission. 


SaskOutdoors is welcoming of everyone, encourages diversity in our organization, and values traditional ways of knowing.


SaskOutdoors respects the Earth and each other while valuing our organization and all those we serve.


SaskOutdoors works together to share collective knowledge and experiences to relate people and ecosystems.


SaskOutdoors values and fosters a deep connection to the outdoors for all people of this shared land.

Quality Education

SaskOutdoors supports high quality outdoor and environmental educational experiences.

Environmental Responsibility

SaskOutdoors demonstrates and encourages environmental stewardship.


SaskOutdoors is open and forthright in our actions and communications.

The importance of outdoor education

Spending time outdoors boasts many benefits to a personʼs overall well-being. It has been proven to reduce stress and even increase focus and effective learning for most children. However, traditional curriculum shifted and intensified focus towards testbased accountability learning, leaves less emphasis on experiential outdoor learning. Immersive outdoor education and learning has been shown to provide endless benefits to a studentʼs overall well-being as well as improved test scores in many subjects.

Dedication to climate change education

SaskOutdoors' Climate Change Education Position Statement – “Today, we cannot facilitate outdoor and environmental education without addressing how the environment in our backyards, parks, and other natural spaces is changing due to climate change. We support all our members and the people of Saskatchewan who wish to connect with the beauty and wonder of nature. Thus, SaskOutdoors continues to advocate for the necessary climate education required to care for the outdoors.” (SaskOutdoors Climate Change Education Position Statement, 2019)