SaskOutdoors Nature Retreat

We had a wonderful weekend at the nature retreat in Ness Creek with 17 adults and 10 children plus many friends at Ness! Thanks to Gord and John and all the other people who worked hard at the site to make sure we all had an enjoyable and relaxing weekend recreating in the forest. (And we were well-fed!) Enjoy some of our photos! Our Community Poem from Nature Retreat 2016 in Ness Creek (attendees were 4 months to grandparent-age): I stepped outside into the stillest, purest morning silence. Trembling aspens dropping golden coins. Bat Education; Pretty good, the bat was sleeping. I like watching the wind blow the trees. I like meandering through the woods with the children. Well, I like digging. Excuse me, Is this where the faeries live? Exploring the woods, discovering habitats. I love wind! Watching, kicking, throwing the leaves. Late night saunas in the pouring rain. Fresh Air + Silence, Snow geese making V's, W's, + calling to us that colder weather is coming. Milk and sucking my hands by the fire is delightful. Yellow trembling leaves beneath my boots crunching like crisp snow, Communal Creativity Shared for All.