Wilderness Preserved: Nature Saskatchewan Sanctuaries

Nature Saskatchewan

Nature Saskatchewan administers six sanctuaries as conservation areas, to prevent development, preserve habitat and for the enjoyment of its members and the general public. Although none are posted with 'No Trespassing' signs, to prevent overuse, the areas are not advertised. People may visit the sanctuaries on their own. However, the stewards have an intimate knowledge of our sanctuaries and if visitors contact them previous to a visit, they often are glad to act as guides, time permitting.

Contact Information

Nature Saskatchewan
Phone: 306-780-9273
E-Mail: info@naturesask.ca

Subject: Science, Social
Duration: Several sanctuaries have established visitation schedules. Please email to set up a possible tour.
Area: Brandon Land, Crooked Lake Fen, Maurice Street, Rendek Elm Forest, Turtle Lake, van Brienen Land

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