Waste Reduction Week: School Resource Kit

Waste Reduction Week in Canada

By participating in Waste Reduction Week in Canada, the third week of October, you are about to embark on an exciting campaign of waste reduction that has become an annual event involving thousands of Canadians from across the country. Through the theme Too Good to Waste, WRW aims to inform and engage Canadians about wasteful practices and their environmental and social ramifications.


This kit provides you with information and tips on the 3Rs - reducing, reusing and recycling; as well as educational and promotional materials and activities to use as a guide for your WRW initiatives. We hope that you will use this kit to learn more about the importance of reducing waste and how you can play an important role in contributing to waste-free living.

Contact Information

Waste Reduction Week in Canada
Phone: 306-931-3242
E-Mail: wrw@saskwastereduction.ca

Subject: Science, Social
Cost: Free
Duration: Waste reduction week takes place on the third week of October.
Area: All Areas

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