Storytelling From the Land

The Prairie Learning Centre

Together with Lyndon Tootoosis, a First Nations Storyteller, students will explore the story of the prairie landscape. Hike across the native prairie landscape to discover ancient tipi rings and other evidence of the first people on this land. Students will understand the importance of bison to prairie ecology and to the history of First Nations People. Through the sharing of stories and games, Lyndon will encourage participants to connect with cultural wonders of our native prairie. This is a full one day program (8:30am to 3pm), which we encourage you to enhance your stay, by spending the night in the Prairie Learning Centre tipis located on the edge of Grasslands National Park.

Contact Information

The Prairie Learning Centre
Phone: 306-298-4495

Subject: Science, Social
Cost: For participants outside of Chinook School Division, the fee is $10 per participant, per program.
Duration: 8:30-3pm
Area: Grasslands National Park