Native Plants in the Classroom

Native Plant Society of Saskatchwan, Inc.

Native Plants in the Classroom is a project designed to connect youth with nature. This project will educate and involve youth across Saskatchewan in native plants and habitats (including species at risk) through classroom and outdoor exercises, teacher resources, and other events. By empowering youth to become "citizen scientists", they will learn about the importance of our natural habitats. The NPSS has produced free educational materials concerning native plants and habitats. A teacher resource kit was also created which contains detailed lesson plans, native seeds to plant, printed resources such as booklets and posters, and electronic media such as a teacher/student resource page on the NPSS website. The teacher resource kit was distributed to every school in Saskatchewan.

Contact Information

Native Plant Society of Saskatchwan, Inc.
Phone: (306) 668-3940

Subject: Science
Cost: Free
Duration: N/A
Area: All Areas