Learning the Land

Nature Conservancy Saskatchewan

Learning the Land, a native prairie conservation pilot program administered by the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) in Saskatchewan, will be delivered by the Treaty 4 Education Alliance in 11 schools across southern Saskatchewan, beginning in 2015. Designed to dovetail with the science curriculum, teachings will focus on traditional and cultural as well as scientific aspects of species at risk and native prairie in both the classroom and field settings. Participants of the Learning the Land program will also consider the current challenges of sound land management and how urban and rural community residents may work together to conserve wildlife habitat and sustain a diversity of wildlife species. More than 100 students, teachers, Elders, scientists, local-area landowners and NCC staff will be involved.

Contact Information

Nature Conservancy Saskatchewan
Phone: 1.866.622.7275
E-Mail: saskatchewan@natureconservancy.ca

Subject: Science, Social
Cost: This program is currently a pilot project for Treaty 4 schools.
Duration: Duration of this program extends the four seasons, and as mentioned previously, this program is a pilot that may be replicated in future.
Area: Treaty 4 Area
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