Kitoskayiminawak Pikiskwewak: Our Young People Speak

Prairie Valley School Division

Student authors from Prairie Valley published Kitoskâyiminawak Pîkiskwêwak: Our Young People Speak – the Treaty Edition at the end of the 2014 school year. The students involved researched and interviewed leaders and Elders about contemporary treaty topics. This is the third in a series following the Leadership Edition and the Healing Edition. Each publication is available for purchase for $15. If you are interested contact or call us at (306) 949-3366.

Contact Information

Sandy Pinay-Schindler, First Nations/ Metis Education Coordinator
Phone: (306) 949-3366
E-Mail: or

Subject: Science, Social
Cost: Each publication is available for purchase for $15.
Duration: N/A
Area: Rural areas around Regina