Invasive Plants Flipbook

Swift Current Creek Watershed Stewards

Maintaining and improving the condition of the riparian areas adjacent to the Swift Current Creek is an important part of the Swift Current Creek Watershed Stewards? primary objective of improving the overall quality of water in the Swift Current Creek. Preventing the establishment, introducation and expansion of invasive plants in the area is a high priority for the group, as well as educating rural and urban watershed residents on how to identify and control these species. Listed in the booklet are the main invasive plants found in the Swift Current Creek Watershed. Many of them prefer to live along the banks of creeks and other waterways. It is important for everyone to be able to recognize these species so that reporting can occur and they can be removed from the area. The Swift Current Creek Watershed Stewards are always interested in learning the location of invasive species in the watershed. If you see any of these species, please contact us at our office.

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Swift Current Creek Watershed Stewards
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