Grade 3: Waste and Our World: The Science of Soils

The Prairie Learning Centre

Conservation, Soil, Waste, Grade 3

Students work through many of the outcomes for the Grade Three Science Curriculum area for Soils. The Prairie Learning Centre will come into the class and teach these outcomes in a fun, interactive and engaging way. Students will engage in hands on activities as well as use a learning journal throughout their experience to record facts and information about soils. Within the workshop, students will build a classroom vermicomposter and learn how to manage and operate the composter as well as learn about earthworms. This composter will be left in the classroom for students to operate. A follow up visit is then planned where the Prairie Learning Centre will harvest the worm castings. The PLC in this visit will plant plants in the soil, and the learning experience is completed. Teachers can book a full 2 hour learning experience for the students or an abbreviated 1 hour visit (only vermicomposting is covered).

Contact Information

The Prairie Learning Centre
Phone: 306-298-4495

Subject: Science
Cost: For participants outside of Chinook School Division, the fee is $10 per participant, per program.
Duration: 1 or 2 hours depending on request of teacher
Area: Grasslands National Park