Finding Your Way

Outdoor Education Regina Public Schools

One of the most important skills in orienteering is learning how to use a map and compass. Even with new technologies, a map and compass are much less likely to fail and cannot run out of batteries. There are two parts to this field study. The first half of the day will be spent on a compass course. The students will be divided into groups and sent out from a starting point in five minute intervals. The compass course contains 10 stations, and the groups will compete for the quickest time. The other half of the day will be spent on a map course. The students will navigate in groups through the valley using a compass and an aerial photo of the area trying to locate markers of various point values. The more markers they find in the allotted time, the more points their team will receive. A great opportunity for team building and free play.

Contact Information

Lori Milligan
Phone: 306-523-3152

Subject: Science, Social, Phys Ed
Cost: Free
Duration: N/A
Area: All
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