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Adopt-A-Pond Programme: Wetland Curriculum

Toronto Zoo

Although this guide focuses on the Adopt-A-Pond Programme through the Toronto Zoo, there are many lesson plans and ideas that relate to the Saskatchewan curriculum. This guide includes four basic study modules : " Water ", " Wetland Ecology ", " Amphibians " and " Environmental Issues ". Each module outlines the Expected Learning Outcomes for that unit and provides Background Information for Educators, a variety of student activities geared to different levels and Answers to the questions posed in the activities. A fifth unit highlights one of the most significant creators of natural wetlands in Ontario, The Beaver . While many of the activities throughout these units provide learning opportunities for younger students, we have included a separate unit, " Frogs and Friends: Fun for Pre-Schoolers and other Polliwogs " for pre-school and young primary level students. Please see their webpage for curriculum links: http://www.torontozoo.com/AdoptAPond/wetland-curr/n1-Curriculum%20index.asp

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