A Pocket Guide to the Rare Plants of Southern Saskatchewan

Nature Saskatchewan - Rare Plant Rescue Program

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THE Rare Plant Rescue (RPR) program is a unique voluntary stewardship program for Saskatchewan landowners with rare plants or rare plant habitat on their land. Launched in 2002, RPR aims to conserve rare plant habitat by building strong, respectful relationships with landowners and providing them with the information they need to make informed stewardship decisions. As of 2014, approximately 100,000 acres (40, 468 hectares) of valuable rare plant habitat are being conserved voluntarily by Saskatchewan land managers while they continue to use the land for their operations. The purpose of this guide is to increase awareness about southern Saskatchewan?s rarest plant species. It does not provide comprehensive information about any one species, but rather lists those characteristics that are needed to distinguish the rare species from their more common look-alikes. Some of the information included in the species and habitat descriptions may be specific to Saskatchewan. The information presented here is to be used for guidance only. For more information on species at risk or the Rare Plant Rescue program, please contact Nature Saskatchewan.

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