Grant Stories

Riverside School Outdoor Grant Report

April 28, 2020
Students from Riversides Outdoor Education class began January with an amazing surprise. A hundred orange spheres in a plastic sample tube. In just five short months these eggs would be released into the locally stocked Rainbow Trout pond.Hooked on Fishingis a program that the Grade 7/8 class at Riverside take part in to learn regulations, traditions, anatomy and the fun involved in sport fishing both in the summer and winter months.

Our day trip to Anglin Lake proved to be a great learning experience to properly adjust to the elements, and become masters of fishing lines. Our cumulative trip took us to Deschambault Lake far north on the Hanson Lake road, most kids in class had never been this far from Prince Albert. It was as if the Creator intended for this all to happen, after an offering students were shown an abundance of walleye and pike. The excited look on their faces when the end of their rod showed action was priceless. The evening was filled with fire building, games and stories, until the last giggles died out in the cabin. As we drove back to Prince Albert and cell phone reception returned to my co-workers it was apparent that the school year would have to conclude with this trip as COVID-19 had struck. We are so grateful to the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund and SaskOutdoors for helping make this program happen. Without their contribution we would struggle to make this once in a lifetime experience happen. Learning is engrained in the outdoors, through imagination and creativity only then can we unlock its potential.