Grant Stories

Off the Grid Report

September 03, 2019

With the grant money from Saskoutdoors, the Off the Grid program at Tommy Douglas was able to venture out on a year end river trip. There were 23 students involved with the trip and 3 teachers. We used the funds given to pay for transportation to the launch point as many students could not arrange for their parents to drive them. For many on the trip it was their first time on an over night excursion with canoes and their first long canoe ride. The students got to put their training of knot tying and boat communication to good use right off the bat as the trailers and canoes were prepped for launch. The crew paddled 44 kil down the river towards Batoshe before we set up camp for the night. We stopped on sand bars along the way to have lunch and play some games. The weather held up just long enough for us to get a fire going and tents set up before the rain hit. We played guitar and a few other games before calling it a night. They kids were obviously tired because they fell right asleep.

Day 2 of the trip went smoothly as the students fell into a good pattern and were happy the rain had stopped. The distance we travelled the first day allowed us to raft up a few extra times and let the back canoes rest. Turns out the back canoe was taking photos instead of paddling hard (photo attached). One of the students in this canoe was new to Canada and learned how to swim for the first time in order to go on this trip. She is the one making the pursed lips pose.

Day 3 was a short paddle of 20 minutes and a pick up before Batoshe. Kids were happy and had a great experience. It was an excellent trip and it was made possible through the funding of Saskoutdoors!

Thank you again for the opportunity. It was a really special trip for the students and staff who took part in it and we will do our best to make that happen again! Lots of first time paddlers and lots of laughs!