Grant Stories

Lumsden Beach Camp Report

November 05, 2019
From July 31 to August 5, Lumsden Beach Camp welcomed young adults to build a community and explore our camp's diverse property. Adventurous Journey sawa small group of youth pack up and camp off-site for 5 days. They learned about leave no trace principles, camping skills, first aid, canoeing, ecology and more.

As part of our Adventurous Journey for Young Leaders program the Saskoutdoors funding helped us bring out 4 diverse guest presenters to offer workshops for the participants.

-Caitlyn Mazden (first responder) offered first aid basics.
-Ceane Dusyk (Indigenous advocate) taught campers to set up a tipi and spent a half day leading tipi teachings.
-Kris Dueck (teacher) lead a session on improv and community building.
-Karen McIver (outdoor ed rockstar) taught leave-no-trace principles.

Each of these sessions were very well received by the campers and leadership.

It was a resounding success. This grant allowed us to provide compensation to Ceane. His teachings richly impacted the camp and campers. Thank you for the support!