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Cypress Hills Outdoor School – Grade 7 Wild Outdoor Research Team (WORT)

July 01, 2023
Cypress Hills Outdoor School - Grade 7 Wild Outdoor Research Team (WORT)

The 2023 WORT group consisted of four Outdoor Environmental Education Staff and 22 grade 7 students from 18 different Regina Public Schools. The students were very excited (and nervous) to be going camping in Cypress Hills. This was a new place and a new adventure for them as many of the students had never slept in a tent before and most had never been to the Cypress Hills. The students in this year’s group were keen to try new things and wanted to pack in as many experiences as they could in the 4 days, they were in Cypress Hills. On the morning of June 20th, we headed to West Block of Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park for our four-day camping experience.

Highlights from the Trip
Hiking to the Hidden Conglomerate Cliffs
Students practiced nature photography focused on the wildflowers along the trail. At the top of the cliffs the students chose different mediums for their own artwork. Options included oil paints, water colour pencils, charcoal drawing, sketching, photography or nature art. There was a lot of beautiful artwork created as the students looked out over the Cypress Valley for inspiration.
Collecting data for a stream study of Battle Creek
Camping beside the creek allowed us to observe the physical, biological, and chemical properties over a series of days. Some students caught their very first frogs during the study.
Initiative and team building games
Throughout the year the students worked on team building and leadership skills. The progress they made over the year really shone through on our last group activities.
Learning how to navigate with map and compass and to read a topographical map
After some practice in the area, the students planned a route on the topo map that would take the group to the top of a hill to watch the sunset.

Touring Fort Walsh
Students learned about the human history of the area through interactive activities. The park staff did an exceptional job with our group.
Learning how to set up a campsite and how to cook on open fires and Coleman stoves
The students really enjoy this part of camping. Especially the cooking. I love to see the students flipping French toast for the first time.
Hiking to a high hill to watch the sunset .
On the last evening of our outdoor school we had an extended campfire to allow time for skits, games, songs and reflection on the year in the outdoor program. The students shared very personal and positive thoughts and feelings about what this group meant to them. Most didn’t want to go home or have the experience end. These students started the fall of 2022 as strangers to one another and came back from the Cypress Hills trip with new friends, outdoor and leadership skills, and a better understanding of the environmental issues in Saskatchewan.