Grant Stories

Battleford Girls and Boys Club Report

November 12, 2019
Every year, the Battlefords Boys and Girls Club organizes out-trips as part of our Summer Adventure Day Camps. This year we organized an out-trip to Hidden Meadows Ranch on August 1st, 2019. This out-trip had been planned for early July, but due to inclement weather it had to be postponed until August 1st. The children and youth were bussed from the Battlefords Boys and Girls Club in North Battleford to Hidden Meadows Ranch where they participated in a version of Mantracker.

Once the children and youth arrived at Hidden Meadows Ranch, the children and staff were introduced to the Hidden Meadows Ranch staff and the horses which would be utilized in the game. The children and staff were divided into groups and the goals and rules of the Mantracker game were explained. The children and staff were given a map were they had to find checkpoints without being “captured” by the Hidden Meadows Ranch Staff on horseback. Once a team collected all their checkpoints, they returned to home base. The first team to collect all their checkpoints and return to home base without being captured were the winners. The teams walked and/or ran about 5-7kms to collect all their checkpoints. These checkpoints were hidden in a pasture which had lots of hilly terrain and treed areas. After everyone returned to home base, the children and staff had lunch before returning back to the Battlefords Boys and Girls Club. Children and staff ensured garbage was properly disposed of. During the event, everyone employed the Leave No Trace principles to ensure they did not disrupt the beauty of nature.

We had a total of 8 adults (staff) and 28 children (ages 6-12). There were 1 New Canadian and 11 First Nation/Metis children who attended the out-trip.

The children and staff were able to explore the wonders of nature and the role that nature plays in their lives. This exploration was done through the various games and activities they participated in.

This is an amazing opportunity for many of our children and who were not exposed to the outdoors and the importance of nature. Some children have never had the opportunity to visit a farm, various types of livestock and to enjoy a game in the Saskatchewan wilderness. Because of this opportunity, our members were able to broaden their knowledge and experience of the outdoors and nature.