Grant Stories

W.J Berezowsky School Grant Report

June 09, 2023

One movement that WJB has been working on in regard to Truth & Reconciliation: Call to Action is Tipi Teachings. WJB has implemented the Tipi Teachings within the school and classrooms on a daily basis. Our goal is to teach the students that the Tipi served as a home but it was much more than just a home. Every part of a Tipi was important and each part has a teaching or meaning. The traditional teachings of each piece may vary from group-to-group but the importance of the piece does not vary. Our plan is to be able to take the classroom Tipi teachings that have been implemented in our school and apply them to a traditional environmental setting. Being on the land will honor the truth and reconciliation guidelines from a school level.Our plan is to implement these calls to action through a two-day culture/teambuilding camp that we would like to start with our grade 6 and 7 students. The camp focus will be on Indigenous teachings based around cultural activities, cultural games, elders and teambuilding activities. We would also incorporate some mental health talks to assist with many of our students that are struggling with mental health issues.