Gavin Francis – 2024 Cydney Weir Award for Youth Environmental Leadership Recipient

Gavin Francis - recipient of the 2024 Cydney Weir Award for Youth Environmental Leadership.
🌿 Meet Gavin Francis! A nature lover and ecology enthusiast, Gavin is a dedicated member of Scouts Canada and has been a key volunteer with the Canadian Wildlife Society's Wild Outside program. He’s participated in an eco hack-a-thon, built bat and bird boxes, and mentored fellow participants.
Gavin’s passion for paddling has grown through his volunteering, Scouts, and Outdoor School, where he excels as a leader and student. In addition to his outdoor activities, he’s a junior coach at the Walter Murray Collegiate Archery Club, balancing teaching and equipment maintenance with his busy schedule.
Gavin continues to be a strong steward of natural spaces and an advocate for people to enjoy them.
Congratulations Gavin!