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Winter Camping Skills Workshop 2017

Prince Albert National Park

It’s that time of year again! The season of the long-john. We at SaskOutdoors are happy to offer you another winter camping skills workshop this March. So if your front windows have frozen nose prints, you’re feeling groggy and restless, or you’ve been finding yourself pacing aimlessly around the house, you just may be suffering from cabin fever and we highly recommend our remedy.

Our winter camping skills workshop will help get you out of the living room and into that winter landscape you've been yearning to explore. We've designed a workshop to teach you the skills you'll need to extend your camping season into even the most blustery of weekends.


March 11th-12th, 2017.

We will begin activities at 12:00 PM on Saturday March 11th.


Prince Albert National Park, Paignton Beach Campground

The link above takes you to the location on google maps, however the campground is not listed. Below is a link to the park map. You will find Paignton Beach Campground along the Narrows Road which runs along the West side of Waskesiu Lake.

Park Map

How much?

For SaskOutdoors members the price is $30, for non-members $40.

What can you expect?

Our goal is to deliver enough practical and applied information to give you the confidence to camp in the winter. We want winter camping to be as natural an option as is summer camping so you may take these skills forward and enjoy the best of what nature has to offer year-round.

You can expect lessons on winter campcraft, cooking, site selection, trip planning, bedtime protocols, and backcountry travel, to name a few, as well as activities such as snowshoeing, wolf howls, star hikes, and story-telling.


We want you to get the most out of this learning process and be involved in some of the behind the scenes prepping that is required for winter camping. So for this camp you are responsible for providing your own food for supper on Saturday.

It is important that your meal follows two basic winter camping standards: keep it simple and keep it high in calories. You need fats, carbs, and proteins to keep your furnace burning strong throughout the night. Greens alone will not suffice. Consider also that things will freeze solid before you go to eat them. A brick of cheese will quite literally become a brick. Pre-slicing cheese and laying it on wax paper can save a lot of fuss in the field! If you have any questions or would like some guidance on your meal or prep, feel free to contact Steve Abbott (stevegabbott@gmail.com).

Make sure you pack some of your own snacks as well. Our furnaces all burn at different rates. If we've all stocked our pockets and bags with our favourite bits and bites for a quick fill up, we can ensure our stomachs stay fueled. It is important to eat before you start feeling cold and hungry when spending extended periods of time outside in winter.

We will be providing the hot drinks and some small snacks. We will also be providing a hardy bedtime snack to stoke up our furnace before crawling in the sleeping bag, as well as breakfast on Sunday.

Gear loan outs
Unfortunately we will not be able to provide any camping gear this year. You must have your own sleeping bags and mats to participate. If you have 3-season camping gear, there are many ways to boost the ratings to make it suitable for a winter camp.

With the help of Fresh Air Experience in Regina, Sk, we were able to put together a great resource for you to refer to for more information regarding clothing and sleep systems. There are a lot of great tips and tricks to be found within. We go through why certain materials will keep you warmer than others, and demonstrate different ways to get more out of your 3-season sleep gear to get you comfortably through a winter's night.

Fresh Air Experience Workshop

It is important that you show up to the event with the proper clothing and gear, so please ensure that you come prepared with all that is on the gear lists provided to you.

Gear List


This event is limited to those 16 years of age or older and it is limited to the first 15 registrants. So don't hold off! Register today:
The registration deadline is March 1st.

>>Click here to Register!<<

Required Documentation

The following documents will be required to participate in this event. Please arrive at camp with them filled in.

Waiver (Adult)     Media Release (Adult)     Health Information Form

If you are 16 or 17 years old, the waiver and media releases below must be filled out by your parents or guardians.

Waiver (Minor)    Media Release (Minor)

Cancellation Policy:

1) If the temperature, predicted 48 hours in advance, will be colder than -25C (air temperature) or -30C (combined air temperature and wind chill) the camp will be cancelled and participants refunded.
2) Participants forfeit their registration fees if they cancel within 2 weeks of the camp start date.

If you have any questions about the camp or about SaskOutdoors,
contact Steve Abbott: