Diamond Willow Carving Workshop

Diamond Willow Carving Workshop

Carve your own diamond willow walking/hiking stick in this workshop led by woodworker Greg Mallett.


  • What is diamond willow, where is it found, when to harvest, drying and straightening.
  • Safe handling of knives, chisels and carving tools.
  • How to craft your own walking stick—each participant will be provided with a raw (with bark) diamond willow stick (dried and straightened). There will be a large selection of dried sticks at various lengths for participants to choose from. 
  • Participants will learn how to remove the bark, carve out the diamonds, sand and finish their stick. You will be provided with all the sandpaper, two finishing products (boiled linseed oil and Wipe on Poly)and written instructions.
  • Greg will provide some knives, chisels, wood carving tools, and some gloves. Participants are encouraged to bring their own knives.  Dremel power tools and instruction will be provided for those that are comfortable using these.
  • Finishing touches such as installing a wrist strap, and rubber tip or adding carvings, a gemstone or compass onto the stick will also be discussed.
  • Each participatn will receive the walking stick, sandpaper and small containers of the two finishing products. Extra charge for rubber cane tip, a compass or gemstone (to place into the top of the handle) and leather wrist strap if desired. 


  • This is a hands-on workshop and participants should wear old clothing, an apron, or coveralls due to the sanding and removing of the bark. You will get a little dirty. Please bring a mask to use while sanding your stick.
  • Children 10 years of age and over may register provided that they have experience using a knife. They must be accompanied by an adult to supervise them.
  • Brand new Swedish made Mora Knives (includes hard case) will be available for sale at $32.00 each (including taxes). These are very sharp and are an excellent investment if you want to use in the workshop or to craft additional walking sticks.
  • If you have any questions, you can contact Greg Mallett at gdmallett@sasktel.net or message me on Facebook.  Additional pictures of my walking sticks can be found on Facebook at Greg’s Diamond Willow Walking Sticks and Canes


Greg has been conducting these diamond willow walking stick workshops for about 10 years and has always received very positive feedback from the participants. He emphasizes safety throughout the workshop while handling the knives and carving tools and is comfortable having children aged 10 and over attend the workshops provided they are under adult supervision and are experienced using a knife.  Participants are always pleased with the quality of the sticks they can choose from. He has always been willing to correspond after the workshop to answer additional questions or provide additional information.  Some of Greg’s walking sticks and canes have placed first place in Arizona’s Woodcarving Show, which is one of the largest shows in North America. He has been crafting these walking sticks and canes for about 12 years. He spends many hours searching for top quality diamond willow. He then dries and straightens these sticks prior to providing these for his workshops. Greg’s best customer in Pennsylvania that is a collector of finished diamond willow says “ I have been purchasing diamond willow walking sticks for many years. Upon discovering Greg’s sticks, I have never seen such quality workmanship or such beautiful sticks ever before”. This individual has now purchased more than 30 walking sticks and canes from Greg.

Where: TBA. Regina

Date: October 15, 2022

Time: 1-4pm

Cost: $60/SaskOutdoors Members


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