SaskOutdoors Bonus Grant

SaskOutdoors Bonus Grant

SaskOutdoors Grants through the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund Information & Application

Application Deadline: November 26, 2020

Is your organization struggling with the effect of COVID and not being able to run your regular programming? Would a small grant help you offer some of your expertise in an online delivery format?

Do you have a professional development opportunity that will increase your experience and capacity as an outdoor and environmental educator?

Do you have an idea that will help educators teach outdoors and about their local environment?

Do you have a small research project related to outdoor and environmental education?

We welcome all applications related to outdoor and environmental education taking place in Saskatchewan!

The details:
-Applicants must be current members of SaskOutdoors.
-Suggested financial request range: $50-$2,000.
-Money will not be given for capital expenses (such as the purchase of building materials, tools, shovels, raised gardening beds, shrubs, magnifying glasses, books, sporting equipment, etc.)
-Projects must take place in Saskatchewan.
-You will be notified of the success of your application by November 30, 2020.
-Applications are accepted from organizations and individuals.
-If your application is successful, we ask that you formally thank SaskOutdoors and SaskLotteries for the Grant in a school or community newspaper as well as in any other promotion related to your project (we will e-mail you our logos). A copy of these publications should accompany your final report.
-Upon completion of your project we ask that you send us a brief report detailing your project, any challenges or outstanding successes, along with 1-3 pictures that we can use in our publications. Reports can also take the form of blogs, videos and podcasts. The report must include the number of youth and the number of adults involved and additional demographic information. In addition, we require an updated budget including copies of receipts related to your trip totaling the amount of money received. This report is due one month after the completion of your project or within one year of receiving money. Remember, completing these requirements after your project will ensure that your school or organization is eligible for future grants!

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