Physical Literacy: An Indigenous Journey for All


To support the implementation of the renewed Physical Education 20 and 30 curricula in Saskatchewan and the actualization of Inspiring Success: First Nations and Métis PreK-12 Education Policy Framework, the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education invited professional growth networks affiliated with the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation to submit a collaborative project proposal to develop materials to support First Nations, Métis and Inuit content, perspectives, and ways of knowing within the Physical Education 20 and 30 curricula. 

In support of the five Truth and Reconciliation’s Calls to Action pertaining to physical activity, physical literacy and sport, and to make a positive impact on Métis, First Nations and Inuit students, educators from the Saskatchewan Outdoor and Environmental Education Association and the Saskatchewan Physical Education Association collaborated to create this resource. 

This project was funded by the Ministry of Education with the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation providing support. All intellectual property created in fulfillment of the project is the property of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education.

Contributors to this project included educators from two professional growth networks, Elders and Knowledge Keepers, the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education, and the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation. We would like to thank the following contributors:

SaskOutdoors – Desiree Hortness and Leah Japp

SPEA – Julie Andrews, Amanda Kornaga, Reg Leidl and Cole Wilson

Elders and Knowledge Keepers – Jesse Armstrong, Tim Eashappie and Robert Severeight

Photographs – Tristen Durocher

Ministry of Education – Maria Chow, Susan Nedelcov-Anderson and Shelly Weiss

STF – Scott Burant, Joan Elliott and Ian Krips

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