Go exploring and find your perfect stick!

It’s not a stick! 🪵🌿
Did you know, sticks have been utilized by humans for countless purposes throughout history, serving as tools, weapons and even instruments for games and sports. Sticks have played a significant role in cultural practices and rituals, symbolizing authority, support and connection with nature across different societies worldwide!
What do you do?
- Watch the read aloud of "Not a stick" --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwqxd4SfNcw
- Go exploring and find your perfect stick. Remember to find a stick that is laying on the ground. We want to leave trees the way they are.
- What can you transform your stick into? Is it a magic wand, a fishing pole, a horse, a sword? You are welcome to use craft supplies to change your stick into something new!
What do you need?
- A stick
- Your imagination
- Optional: glue, scissors, paper, to change your stick into something. Props and costumes
Safety considerations?
It’s important to have adult supervision. Inspect the stick for hazards and ensure clear instructions for safe use. Create a safe environment by maintaining a clear space, consider allergies and sensitivities and be prepared for emergencies.
What are the benefits?
Physical: Encourages physical movement and enhances fine motor skills.
Emotional: Sparks creativity and imagination. It boosts self-expression.
Mental: Enhances problem solving skills and develops cognitive flexibility.
Spiritual: cultivates a connection with nature and encourages mindfulness and presence.