Marcia Klein

We are very pleased to nominate an “outstanding” candidate for the Bernie Melanson Lifetime Achievement Award.
We are very pleased to nominate an “outstanding” candidate for the Bernie Melanson Lifetime Achievement Award.

Marcia Klein is nearing the end of her highly successful career. She has filled her life with teaching and learning. She possesses all the qualities of a “great teacher” and thus a “lifelong learner”. No one we know has dedicated more energy, commitment, creativity and positiveness to the values of outdoor and environmental education than Marcia. Without any doubt she embodies all of the criteria outlined to qualify as a recipient of the Melanson Award.

Following this introduction you will find five testimonies to Marcia’s character, abilities and impact on others in both formal and informal settings. Also, her complete resume is attached to the same email as this nomination document. The resume outlines the depth and breadth of her involvements and initiatives and astounds even those of us who have known her for decades.
We will now share two quotes from a letter written to Max Abraham from Marcia some time ago.

“I’ve been looking back at my career and recalling stories. It has been a really great ride. I wanted to be a nature lover when I grew up and many people have helped me get there! It started as a kid with my family and also with Girl Guides. But my career really started at Pike Lake Prov. Park when I somehow got the job as an interpreter. I could not even identify an ash tree so the Park Manager told me to shadow some grade 6 teachers on the trail. I learned my plants, led star gazing, canoe trips on the marsh and pond dipping in the lake. This all led to later times at Meewasin and Brightwater. It was foundational”.

“I remember camping trips and hikes with mom and dad and my sisters, canoeing the Churchill in grade 11. Many canoe clinics, camping all over SK and Canada, wondering and wandering with my pup Soleil and dear friends at PANP, Angling and elsewhere. So many great teachers and guides! (Planning interpretive hikes at Anglin Lake. Wow! Brightwater, Outdoor School, Ecoquest, Traditional Knowledge Keepers and Night Hikes). I led so many night hikes over the years! So much more! So much fun! Great opportunities and experiences! Thinking back is a great thing to do after a super xc ski here at Anglin -26 in the sun”.

For Marcia, nothing is accomplished without ENTHUSIASM. We thank you for the opportunity to nominate deserving people for this
distinguished and important Award.