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Yellow Fish Road Program Guide

Trout Unlimited Canada

This guide book provides background information on the Trout Unlimited Canada's Yellow Fish Road program, which educates the public about the impacts of pollution entering urban storm drains. In most communities, water entering storm drains goes directly into local rivers, streams and lakes untreated. Storm drain pollution can harm fish and wildlife, as well as reduce water quality for human use. Yellow Fish Road volunteers paint yellow fish symbols and the words, Rainwater Only beside storm drains and distribute fish-shaped brochures to nearby households. These activities remind people to properly use and safely dispose of hazardous household chemicals, rather than allowing these to enter curb side storm drains.



Contact Information

Yellow Fish Road
Phone: 1 (800) 909-6040 (ext 181) (Canada), (306) 692-8812 (SK Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation in Moose Jaw), Contact the City of Regina for information if you live in and around Regina.
E-Mail: yellowfish@yellowfishroad.org

Subject: Science, Social
Cost: Free
Duration: N/A
Area: All Areas

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