Waste and Composting Presentation

PV Waste Solutions

Food and Agriculture, Plants, Waste, Teacher PD

We provide group presentations that have a positive impact on our community, economy and environment.  And because we are so passionate about waste reduction, composting and environmental education, we provide these presentations free of charge.  Our presentations usually consist of a combination of the topics below depending on time restrictions, interests of the group, etc.  If requested, we will also bring one of our Worm Factory 360 vermicompost (worm) bins so your group can learn how to use an indoor vermicompost bin and play with the worms.


Although this presentation is geared towards adults, they can be tailed towards high school students or grades K-8 upon request.

Contact Information

Brie Bennett
Phone: (306) 520-2038
E-Mail: Brie.PV@sasktel.net

Subject: Science, Social
Cost: Free
Duration: 1 hour presentation
Area: Regina