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Wascana Junior Naturalists

Wascana Centre

Animals, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8

In a day when youth are becoming increasingly disconnected from the natural environment around them, this program aims to provide them with an opportunity to connect with nature. Our focus is to bring like-minded children together to learn of the simple joys nature can give them and offer them a chance to discover nature right in Wascana Centre. We hope this program will help youth to realize that there is more than one species of birds in their backyard or that they can see a beaver right here in the middle of their city, or that sitting and studying a wild licorice seed head (natures original velcro) can be fascinating and rewarding! A fall 2015 season of the Wascana Junior Naturalists will be taking place

Contact Information

Sarah Turkeli
Phone: 306-347-1811
E-Mail: sarah.turkeli@wascana.sk.ca

Subject: Science
Cost: $65 / season
Duration: Seasonal / 2 hours / week
Area: Regina