The Great Canadian Birdathon: Birding for Conservation

Bird Studies Canada

This spring, the time you spend birding can help the very birds you're looking at. Join the Great Canadian Birdathon and conserve birds and biodiversity across Canada! It's so easy to participate. All you have to do is gather your sponsors and go birding. You can even donate a portion of the funds you raise to your local naturalist club.

Contact Information

Bird Studies Canada Saskatchewan Program Office
Phone: 306-249-2894

Subject: Science
Cost: This is a fundraising program, but there is also revenue sharing through Bird Studies Canada. If your club raises $1-$5,000, then your club can receive 25% back. If you raise $5,001 or more, you can receive 50% of this back.
Duration: Choose any day in May and go birding!
Area: All Areas