Sustainable Schools: Best Practice Guide

BC Ministry of Education

Appreciation of Nature, Conservation, Energy, Waste, Water, Post Secondary Research, Teacher PD

The Sustainable Schools Best Practices Guide (2010) has been developed to help schools implement actions that support reduction of greenhouse gases and encourage the wise use of resources. It is intended to promote behavioural change that results in a culture of environmental sustainability. The guide is designed to help the school community at the elementary or secondary level address sustainability issues. It outlines best practices to help green-team leaders (e.g., students, teachers, administrators, support staff, parents) lead the school community through environmental actions in the areas of energy, waste, water, school grounds, and transportation.


Please note: This guide is intended for use in BC but many of the ideas are relevant for Saskatchewan educators as well.

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BC Ministry of Education
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Cost: Free
Duration: BC focused, but has relevance for Saskatchewan education as well
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