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Smarter Science Better Buildings

Saskatchewan Environmental Society / Western Development Museum

Conservation, Energy, Grade 7

The Smarter Science Better Buildings (SSBB) program is a partnership between the SES and the Western Development Museum (WDM) focusing on energy efficient homes. Designed to meet outcomes in the grade 7 Science, Heat, and Temperature unit, students visit one of the four WDM's in Saskatchewan (Saskatoon, North Battleford, Yorkton, and Moose Jaw) for a half-day program. SSBB combines interactive displays specific to energy efficiency in buildings, with inquiry into the energy efficiency of the historical buildings at each site.

Contact Information

Saskatchewan Environmental Society
Phone: 306-665-1915
E-Mail: info@environmentalsociety.ca

Subject: Science, Social
Cost: $3 / student
Duration: 2 hours
Area: Moose Jaw / Saskatoon Western Development Museums

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