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Safe and Sound Program

Royal Saskatchewan Museum

Animals, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4

The Safe and Sound program concentrates on shelter as a need for survival. Students are introduced to the reasons why animals need shelter and some of the different ways that they find and use shelter. Children examine various animal homes and talk about the animals that made and used them. Homes include bird nests, gopher (ground squirrel) tunnels, and beaver lodges. They discuss animals that simply find shelter like snakes, bears, and wolves; and animals that don't use shelter like deer and caribou. The program is one hour in length. Half of the time is spent in the galleries, half in the Discovery Room.

Contact Information

Royal Saskatchewan Museum
Phone: 306-787-2815
E-Mail: info@royalsaskmuseum.ca

Subject: Science, Social
Cost: Admission is free but a donation of $2 per student is suggested. Invoicing is available through their gift shop.
Duration: The program is one hour in length.
Area: Regina and Area

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