Project Wild

Canadian Wildlife Foundation, SaskOutdoors

Teachers, parents, and students praise this classic K-12 environmental education program used internationally. Project WILD instructors have taught thousands of Canadian students from kindergarten through high school — and more than 120,000 Canadian educators can't be wrong! With the interdisciplinary Project WILD Activity Guide, you’ll explore topics from what types of habitats migrating birds need to make it to their wintering grounds to how new fishing technologies have affected fish populations. The guide features 121 complete lesson plans about wildlife and the environment that can each be adapted for any age, grade or subject.

Contact Information

Canadian Wildlife Foundation (Canada wide) or Leah Japp, SaskOutdoors (SK)
Phone: 1-800-563-9453
E-Mail: (Canada) (SK)

Subject: Science, Social
Cost: $50 + tax
Duration: 6 hours of training
Area: Training location varies