Operation Water Drop - Testing the Water We Drink (High School Teacher's Guide)

Safe Drinking Water Foundation

High School teachers can guide their students to work in groups and test for Alkalinity, Ammonia, Colour, Residual Chlorine, Copper, pH, Sulphate and Total Hardness, compounds, as well as an additional five analytical tests: Arsenic, Heterotrophic Plate Count, Iron, Manganese and Nitrate. Students can compare their local water to three other sample waters as well as to a control medium. The other water samples should include an urban treated drinking water, a rural treated drinking water and a raw untreated source water, and then to compare results from these waters to their own community drinking water. If teachers are unable to obtain these other water samples, SDWF will supply them with the OWD kit for an additional $20 to cover postage. High school students test all of these waters for a total of 13 different parameters, and compare the results of their own community drinking water to the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality, and to U.S. and European Drinking Water Regulations.

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Safe Drinking Water Foundation
Phone: 306-934-0389
E-Mail: info@safewater.org

Subject: Science
Cost: Kits can be ordered online for $170. 20% Discount if kits are picked up from Safe Drinking Water Foundation's office
Duration: N/A
Area: All
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