Nature Quest

Nature Saskatchewan

The Nature Quest program creates opportunities for people of all ages to grow in their appreciation of the environment and their understanding of the land. Participants are taken on an engaging journey into the unique wildlife habitats and thriving biodiversity of Saskatchewan`s boreal forest region - students and adults are engaged in a dialogue about the ecological and cultural richness of the boreal forest. Through the sharing of First Nation, Metis and non-aboriginal culture, individuals are brought into a new position of awareness of their surroundings. Participants in Nature Quest are challenged to find their own special connection to nature through the dynamic mediums of film, music, science and storytelling. The presentations are given to school students in grades 5 to 12, primarily within the boreal ecoregion, but have expanded to other areas of the province as well.

Contact Information

Nature Saskatchewan
Phone: 306-780-9273

Subject: Science, Art
Area: North and Central Saskatchewan (Boreal Forest Areas)