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Nature Blitz

Nature Saskatchewan

NatureHood is all nature in your neighbourhood. It’s nearby nature— nature found right where people live: backyards, the park at the end of thestreet, a local green space. The Goal of the NatureHood program is to connect urban Canadians to nearby nature, and get people — especially children — outside and active right where they live. Through strong partnerships with grassroots nature clubs and alliesacross Canada, NatureHood promotes nature awareness at the local level and helps to foster a new generation of nature lovers. Our NatureHood partners deliver on-the-ground, experiential naturebased learning opportunities. Find a local NatureHood partner near you today!


http://saskoutdoors.org/userdata/files/196/FINAL NatureBlitz_May 2018 (1).pdf

Contact Information

Lacey Weekes
E-Mail: lweekes@naturesask.ca

Cost: Free
Area: Saskatchewan