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Craik Sustainable Living Project

In 2001, the Town of Craik and the Rural Municipality of Craik No. 222, in south central Saskatchewan, Canada, began working in partnership to develop a long-term plan for a sustainable community-based project. This partnership, called the Craik Sustainable Living Project (CSLP), emerged from a recognition of the need for local and tangible initiatives addressing climate change and the socio-economic revitalization of this rural community. The idea of developing an ecovillage was put forward by Dr. Lynn Oliphant of the Prairie Institute for Human Ecology. A steering committee was formed, consisting of both Town and RM representation. The mayor of Craik at the this time was Rod Haugerud and the reeve of the R.M. of Craik #222 was Hilton Spencer. The town administrator was Shirley Eade, and the RM administrator was Tim Fox. A wide range of sustainable alternatives related to land use, food and fibre production, shelter, energy generation and conservation, water and waste management, and recycling were featured in the four key initial activities of this project. These are the Eco-centre, Outreach and Education, Community Action, and the Eco-Village. The CSLP also strives to serve as a model inspiring and enabling positive change in other communities in western Canada and elsewhere.

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