Clean Earth Warrior Program

PV Waste Solutions

This program is focused on creating Clean Earth Warriors in schools by partnering with teachers and classrooms in Regina schools to compost organic waste (food scraps) from school lunches. In elementary school we learn about the basic principles of biodegradability, soil science, resource conservation, and recycling, as well as how nature recycles via the life cycle: life, death, decay, and re-birth. Therefore, integrating a compost bin into lessons is a great hands-on way to teach children not only about life cycles, but also about waste, recycling and landfills. It also teaches children how they can make a smaller footprint on our Earth. Hopefully they will also bring this knowledge home and teach their parents how easy it is to compost. PV Waste Solutions will provide everything you need to stop sending food scraps to the landfill and start composting it in your classroom. We will visit your class and provide a vermicompost bin with bedding materials and worms, a container to collect lunch food scraps, a garden spade to dig around in your bin, a brief presentation for your students, educational composting colouring books, and full instructions for you. We will also provide follow-up in case you need help with your bin. We hope this program will encourage students to recycle their organic waste and become Clean Earth Warriors! We also hope to encourage healthy eating by asking kids to bring fruits and vegetables for snack-time and lunch.In addition, all of this comes at no cost to the teacher.

Contact Information

PV Waste Solutions
Phone: (306) 522-7770

Subject: Science, Social
Cost: Free
Duration: 1 hour presentation
Area: Regina