Vision and Mission

Vision of SaskOutdoors

We imagine a province where every person can experience a deep connection with nature, where people play and learn outdoors, and live in harmony with their natural surroundings.

Mission of SaskOutdoors

The mission of SaskOutdoors is to connect people of Saskatchewan to the outdoors and inspire a sense of curiosity and play within our natural environment by passionately delivering programs and services that promote awareness of outdoor recreation and environmental stewardship.

Guiding Principles of SaskOutdoors

Who We Are

Strategic Priorities of SaskOutdoors

1. Facilitating and providing varied outdoor experiences for people.
2. Increasing public awareness and involvement.
3. Building a viable and sustainable organization.
4. Developing partnerships and alliances.
5. Influencing outdoor education policies and curriculum.

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SaskOutdoors Constitution (Updated January 2015)

Proposed Updated Constitution to be discused at the AGM on March 15, 2022.

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From “SaskOutdoors, Times Gone By…” by Kyle Lichtenwald (May, 2009)

Slideshow from SaskOutdoors' 50th Birthday by Zoe Arnold (May, 2019)

SaskOutdoors Climate Change Education Position Statement

"Today, we cannot facilitate outdoor and environmental education without addressing how the environment in our backyards, parks, and other natural spaces is changing due to climate change. We support all our members and the people of Saskatchewan who wish to connect with the beauty and wonder of nature. Thus, SaskOutdoors continues to advocate for the necessary climate education required to care for the outdoors." (SaskOutdoors Climate Change Education Position Statement, 2019)

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