Saskatchewan: Lots of Space for Placed Based

Saskatchewan Lots of Space for Placed Based

SaskOutdoors is looking for your favourite place-based teaching locations. There are so many great opportunities in Saskatchewan for educators to get their students out of the classroom and into the great outdoors! Our hope is to create an online resource for teachers across Saskatchewan to utilize in this time of COVID and for years to come! If someone has already posted a lesson in your favourite spot, then feel free to choose your second favourite or simply add your lesson to the space as well!

Please make sure you have included the information below in the video that you upload to the google map.

Information to Highlight in your Video:

  1. Description of the Space: Give a brief description of the teaching location. How do you normally get there? Are there 3rd party resources available to assist with access (i.e. guides and business owners)?
  2. Land acknowledgement/Treaty Information of the space.
  3. Concepts Taught: What subjects/topics do you like to teach in this space?
  4. Number of Students: How many students can this space accommodate?
  5. Age: What age group(s) are most suitable for this space?
  6. Tools: What tools does an educator have at their disposal in the space?
  7. Leave No Trace: How do you employ Leave No Trace Principles while visiting this space?
  8. Supplemental Materials: What does one need to bring in order to conduct a lesson in the space?
  9. Helpful Hints: Any other tips, or information about the space? 

Additional Information:

  • Put your camera sideways when you record. This makes the video better for final formatting. 
  • Please keep your video post between 2 - 5 minutes. 

We will need the following information from you via the Google Form:

  • Email: Your email will not be shared publicly but we will email you if we have a question about your spot.
  • Address: If you want free swag, we need your address!
  • Consent: By submitting a video, you acknowledge that SaskOutdoors will use it for educational and promotional purposes with credit given to you as the creator.
  • Map It: Please input the coordinates on the map!
  • Post It: Post a video of you in the space either highlighting elements of the environment or running through an abridged version of your lesson.

Thank you for your contribution to this teaching resource!

Download a PDF of this information here.
Submit your video here.