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We are currently airing the third season of our Let's Talk Outdoors Podcast. Every two weeks, we will be releasing a new episode about outdoor education and enjoyment. Join hosts Brooklyn Berrns, Michael Prebble and Leah Japp as we interview guests about environmental enjoyment and education!  Show notes for each episode will be available right here as they are released.

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If you have suggestions for topics we should explore in Seasons 4, how we should celebrate the outdoors in Saskatchewan or ideas for guests please contact us!

Season 4

A lifetime of work in the environmental sector with Ann Coxworth

Join Mike and Leah as they talk with Ann Coxworth about her lifetime of work in the environmental sector, her early years and our place in the world.  Learn more about the Saskatchewan Environmental Society.


Outdoor Learning with Samantha Gunn

Join Mike and Leah as they talk with Samantha Gunn about her journey as an outdoor educator. Samantha works at Brightwater Science, Environmental and Indigenous Learning Centre and leads the Climate Educator’s Network. We talk about connection to the land, solo time, and shifts in educational programming. Also mentioned is the One School One Farm project. You can listen back to our interview about One School One Farm with Elizabeth Bekolay. You can reach Sam at gunns@spsd.sk.ca. We talk about connection to the land, solo time, and shifts in educational programming.

Season 3

One School One Farm with Elizabeth Bekolay

Elizabeth Bekolay is the founder of One School One Farm Shelterbelt project. Her background is in biology and ecology and she specializes in outdoor education of all kinds. She works as an interpreter at the Brightwater Science, Environmental and Indigenous Learning Centre and has her hand in a plethora in environmental initiatives in Saskatchewan.

For more information about the One School One Farm Shelterbelt project, please see their website: www.oneschoolonefarm.com or email oneschoolonefarm@gmail.com.

Note: There were a few audio glitches during this episode that affect the quality, but bear with us, the learning is worth it!


Appreciating Little Red River Park with Claire Miller

Mike and Leah connect with Claire Miller from Wildernook, as she shares with us why we all should visit Little Red River Park in Prince Albert. She also talks about the North East Swale in Saskatoon, and how we can connect with and take care of these areas. We also get a glimpse into Wildernook and why we should celebrate and enjoy winter rather than hibernate away from it. 

Claire shares ideas for integrating education in the outdoors as well as why it's a great location to visit. 

Learn more about Claire's work at:





Find more information about Little Red River Park here:


The park includes 1200 acres of natural area is located north of the North Saskatchewan River. Little Red River Park is known for it's beauty and serenity, while still within the city limits. The park is open year round and provides trails for bikers, hikers and skiers, depending on the season. There are two areas, the Lower Plains on the banks of the Spruce River and the Upper Plains. Both have great trails, flowers and an incredible ecosystem including Jack Pine forest and boreal plains.

Forest Schools and Outdoor Learning with Jennifer Mason

Join Leah and Mike as they talk to Jen Mason about Forest Schools, child led learning, play, and the Child and Nature Alliance of Canada. Jen shares what led her to becoming an outdoor educator and her philosophy of play and learning. 


Summer Series "Connecting to Place"

Connecting to Place with Joyce Belcher

Joyce Belcher is a biologist, life coach, and writing teacher. She has spent a good portion of her life being inspired by “big skies, intact prairie grasslands and forest trails.”

Join Heather and Derek as they chat about Joyce’s time in the prairies and her way of connecting to nature.

Connect with Joyce and learn more about her work via her website: https://www.joycebelcher.com/

Hiking, Canoeing, and Getting Outside with Raea Gooding

Mike & Leah sit down with Raea Gooding from WILD Outside. They talk about hiking; where to go, what to bring, how to train, how to get started. They also talk about the Churchill River Canoe Whitewater Festival, and about Raea's work with WILD Outside. 

Connect with Raea online via Instagram

Learn more about the WILD Outside program from the Canadian Wildlife Federation

A Conversation with Dr. Janet McVittie

Dr. Janet McVittie is a recently retired Assistant Professor at the University of Saskatchewan and a 2021 Bernie Melanson Award Winner for lifetime achievement in education. Join us as we discuss place-based education, Janet’s work with pre-service teachers, and Janet’s thoughts about what would make the world a better place.

Season 2

Our Favourite Saskatchewan Parks with SaskOutdoors board and staff

June is the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association's Parks and Rec Month. To celebrate outdoor enjoyment in our province, we asked our board and staff about their favourite memories from Saskatchewan parks. Younger family members got involved too and the result is a four season celebration of recreation in Saskatchewan. This special bonus episode contains stories about hiking, skiing, school trips, hidden fishing camps, and unicorns (!). We also talk about some of the outdoor mistakes we have made, proving that the best memories weren't always the smoothest in the moment.

Find out more about the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association at www.spra.sk.ca

Paddling Northern Saskatchewan with Ric Driediger

Today, Heather & Mike chat with Ric Driediger. Ric is a canoe enthusiast who is an expert of the Churchill River. He is the owner and operator of Churchill River Canoe Outfitters, where paddlers from all around North America travel out of their way to tell stories around Ric’s campfire. Ric recently released a book: “Paddling Northern Saskatchewan: A Guide to 80 Canoe Routes.”

In this episode, we’re talking paddling, relationships, and why Kraft Dinner is not the ideal choice for your next long adventure.

Find out more about Ric at https://www.churchillrivercanoe.com/


48 Days Alone with Michelle Wohlberg

Heather and Derek join Saskatchewanian Michelle Wohlberg to talk about her experience as a contestant on season 6 of History Channel's Alone. Michelle shares her experience spending 48 days alone in the bush in the sub arctic. We dig into what it's really like to be alone that long, skills to survive, and the difference between what actually happened, and what ends up on TV, and how to get started getting outside. Connect with Michelle on Instagram @michelleannewohlberg


Trip Preparedness with Rebecca Bassett

Join Leah and Derek as they chat with Rebecca Basset from Back40 Wilderness First Aid. We chat about advice for taking your family out adventuring, leading groups of students, and going out with friends. Gear and first aid ideas, along with lots of actionable advice on how to make sure you're prepared for what might come your way. Connect with Rebecca online: https://www.back40training.com/, Instagram @back40training, and Facebook @back40training


The Great Saskatchewan Bucket List with Robin and Arlene Karpan

If you have ever been to a bookstore in Saskatchewan, you have probably seen the travel books written by writers Robin and Arlene Karpan. They are the award-winning writers behind The Great Saskatchewan Bucket List. In this episode, Robin and Arlene talk about their lifelong work as travel writers, photographers, and book publishers, while focusing on their own Saskatchewan adventures and their love for the Athabasca Sand Dunes.


Pandemic Land-Based Learning & Dog Sledding with Garrick Schmidt

Join Leah & Derek as they chat with Land-Based Learning teacher and new musher Garrick Schmidt about what it's like running land-based programming during the pandemic. Garrick also shares advice about getting started, and talks about his experiences running dogs and how he got started with dog sledding! Learn more about Garrick on Facebook @eagleridgedogsledtours and on Twitter @GarrickSchmidt.


Season 1

Winter Adventures & World Travels with Ashlyn George

Ashlyn George is the award-winning adventurer and writer behind The Lost Girl's Guide to Finding the World blog. She is the go-to travel expert in Saskatchewan but is no stranger to trips abroad. Having travelled solo through more than 60 countries on all 7 continents, she's a passionate storyteller in pursuit of excitement, learning and discovery. When not on the road, you can find her adventuring in own her backyard as well as online @thelostgirlsguide. Join Heather and Mike as they talk about Ashlyn’s world travels, what brought her back to SK, and what kind of activities she recommends for this winter.



Land Based Learning with Kevin Lewis 

Leah & Derek sit down with Kevin Lewis about Land-Based Learning, stories from the boreal forest, making birch bark canoes, connections between Cree language and the land, and how you might get started for yourself. Kevin is both knowledgeable and entertaining as he weaves together teachings and stories in this episode.

Check out some resources Kevin recommends in the episode:

https:// kaniyasihkculturecamps.com
https://www.instagram.com/ kaniyasihkculturecamps/




Getting families outdoors for Jeff Moore

Heather and Derek catch up with Jeff Moore. Because of his own nature-immersed childhood, Jeff has a lot of recommendations for parents and families about getting outdoors and fostering a love for nature. Join us for ideas for getting started with getting outdoors, and some great words of wisdom from Jeff for all parents.


Leave No Trace with Andrea Nelson

In episode four, Derek and Leah chat with Andrea Nelson about the @Leave No Trace Canada Seven Principles: Plan Ahead and Prepare, Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces, Dispose of Waste Properly, Leave What Your Find, Minimize Campfire Impacts, Respect Wildlife, and Be Considerate of Other Visitors.

If you'd like more information about Leave No Trace, check out: www.leavenotrace.ca and www.adventuresmart.ca.



Outdoor Learning with Chris Clark

This week Heather and Derek sit down to chat with Chris Clark to talk about Outdoor Learning. Join us for a discussion about about research and how Outdoor Learning is different from Outdoor Ed, discussions on some barriers, and ultimately some great ideas for roads in to getting started with Outdoor Learning in your own classroom.

Learn more about Chris here.


Citizen Science & Conservation with Kenton Lysak

Kenton Lysak’s enthusiasm and passion for our beautiful province is infectious. Join Mike, Leah, and Kenton in their conversation about citizen science, environmentalism, conservation, and everything outdoors in Saskatchewan - and mainly the Saskatoon area.

Find out more about Kenton here: Nature City Festival

Paddling Canmore to Missinipe with Zev Heuer

The first episode of Let’s Talk Outdoors is now available! Heather and Mike chat with 15 year-old Zev Heuer about his 58-day canoe trip from Canmore to Missinipe earlier this year. Learn about Zev’s adventurous childhood and the challenges he had to overcome on the journey with just him and his dog.

Outdoor Education Panel Discussion

For teachers, parents, and students, COVID-19 has been an unsettling experience and it continues to be so as we enter the Fall 2020 semester. However, outdoor learning has been touted by the Saskatchewan Government as one way to reduce the risks of a return to school.

How can all teachers incorporate outdoor learning into their repertoire? Back in June 2020, we invited a group of Saskatchewan educators to a panel discussion about their experiences with outdoor education to answer questions like this one.

Have a listen to the experiences of Mark Wiseman, Kristen Simonson, Deborah Gibson-Dingwall, David Vanderberg, Amanda Kornaga, and Mitch Lowe.  If you’d like, you can also view the panel discussion on YouTube.

Season One Trailer

Meet your Let's Talk Outdoors hosts Derek Hyland, Heather Maurer, Mike Prebble and Leah Japp!