Ivan Thompson

I would like to nominate Ivan Thompson, a student at Winston Knoll Collegiate to for the Cydney Weir Youth Environmental Leadership award.

Ivan is in his grade 12 year, and he plans on working in the trades and owning his own business in the future. I taught him Environmental Science 20, and he demonstrated passion towards conserving nature, and taking action for the environment. He is connected to the land in many ways, including hunting, fishing, ice fishing, and camping (including winter camping). He thoroughly enjoys being outside. He loves the water and enjoys beaches. He plays competitive high school volleyball, and their team had a chance to travel to Cuba last year where he got to see and connect with the beaches and the ocean there while participating in a volleyball tournament.

Ivan is connected to his cultural background, as well, and actively volunteered last year to serve at the Feast and Round dance event that Winston Knoll Collegiate hosted. He has built relationships with the Indigenous Knowledge Keepers at the school, Mrs. Wanda Lewis and Mr. Gary Gott. Both of them spoke to me about his passion and potential as a leader in the field of environment. They explained that he is a self starter, and took initiative to volunteer for events.

Ivan had the opportunity to participate in the Martin Aboriginal Education Initiative which offered mentoring to high school students. Throughout the opportunity, he got to meet an advisor to help set up a business plan for himself in the area of carpentry. He has a personal goal to make sure this future business is sustainable.

I think Ivan would be an excellent candidate for the Cydney Weir Youth Environmental Leadership award.

Nominated by Karen McIver