Project WILD Workshop

Have you hired a summer student? Do you want to provide a training opportunity that gives them access to 121 nature-based activities they can use with kids this summer? Plus each participant will receive a manual that includes all 121 activities with instructions and photocopy ready materials!

The virtual Project Wild workshop with SaskOutdoors is being offered on June 20th & 22nd from 10 am to noon.

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Project Wild activities include:

The Thicket Game - nature themed predator and prey hide and seek
Grasshopper Gravity - how to plan an insect spotting activity in any green space
Wildlife is Everywhere - a wildlife spotting activity in any green space
Microtrek Scavenger Hunt - a wildlife scavenger hunt in any green space
Habitracks & Tracks! - animal track identification
Are You Me? - insect and wildlife metamorphosis 
Riparian Retreat - an activity along any stream or river bank
Marsh Munchers - simulate feeding motions of marsh animals and learn about the food web
Adaptation Artistry - design their own bird and its habitat
Seed Need - how seeds are carried by animals

Plus Let's Go Fly a Kite, Urban Nature Search, Forest in a Jar, Owl Pellet dissection, Wildlife Watching, Animal Poetry, Water Plant Art and more!