Outdoor Adventuring 101 - Regina

Regina - University of Regina, Classroom Building, CL 317 and nature path beside the University

Outdoor Adventuring 101 - Regina

SaskOutdoors is looking for community volunteers interested in starting a Get Outside! Kids Club in their community. Do you want to make a positive impact on families in your community? Do you want to try out a 3 session pilot project in your community?

This workshop will include information about how to get started, a how to guide with 10+ easy to use activities and a 1 hour Get Outside! Kids Club event that will show you exactly how to do this in your own community!

The Get Outside! Kids Club is an outdoor learning program that combines environmental education, recreation and outdoor play. For children ages 6 to 13 (younger siblings are invited to attend with their family) and their parent caregiver. The program explores parks and open spaces with hands-on, nature based activities and exploration.

Survey results from Get Outside! Kids Club program participants indicate the program:
-improved their mental health (95% of survey participants)
-improved their physical health (90% of survey participants)
-created a conservation ethic where kids wanted to conserve the spaces where they participated in the program (almost 100%)
-families wanted to return to the park or open space on their own after participating in the program (almost 100%)

SaskOutdoors will be hosting this workshop to teach you how to start a Get Outside! Kids Club in your own community.

We'll be joined by Dr. Marc Johnson (University of Toronto) and Reagan Johnson as they share their experience of starting the Riverwood Conservancy - Junior Naturalist Club. They'll share their experience, teach hands-on activities and share a how to guide including 10+ practical activities.

Plus Shannon Chernick, the Provincial - Outdoor Play Coordinator for SaskOutdoors will share best practices and activities from the Get Outside! Kids Club program. In Regina, over 2500 people have registered to participate in the program. The Get Outside! Kids Club has a strong recreation focus as well as including environmental education and outdoor play in parks and open spaces.

If you are interested, attend the free workshop and let us know what you need from us to start your very own Get Outside! Kids Club.
We are here to help and we want to provide this opportunity to families across the province. We need your help to get started!

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