Distance Project WET Workshop


Distance Project WET Workshop

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Project WET is an instructional resource designed by teachers and water resource professionals FOR K-12 classroom teachers. It covers topics such as water chemistry, water quality and human health, climate and weather, water demand management, water conservation, cultural values about water, and how to launch action programs and water festivals. Upon completion, participants will receive a newly-updated 592 page resource manual that contains 65 current activities.  

Especially relevant to Saskatchewan classrooms is the fact that the program has a cooperative learning base incorporates a variety of learning styles and was field tested in a wide variety of classrooms, including many multi-ethnic and multi-grade classrooms.

Recommended by the Ministry of Education to the Saskatchewan Science Curricula Gr. 1-10 and also for Environmental Science 20. Visit our website for downloadable PDF Cross Reference Guides.

This workshop will be delivered at a distance.  There will be an introductory call, an activity session in your own classroom or community group, and a closing call.  After registration, you will receive the "Water: Every Drop Counts" booklet in the mail. This booklet contains 6 sample activities that you can lead with your classroom or community group. Upon completion of both calls and one of the sample activities, participants will receive the full Project WET manual and certificate.

Participants must be working with a group with whom they can present the Project WET activities (this does not need to be a class of students).

Important dates: 

First call Monday November 2 7-9:00pm

Final call Monday November 30 7-9:00pm

Registration fee: $55 for members and $65 for non members

Participants receive:

  • Initially: The Every Drop Counts Booklet containing 6 sample activities.
  • Upon completion: Full Project WET Manual and certificate of completion

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