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Vincent Massey Camping Trip

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Vincent Massey Camping Trip

On June 17th through 19th the Vincent Massey grade 7/8 class went camping to Pike Lake Provincial Park. We camped in tents provided by the Saskatoon Public School Division. We went on ecosystem walks, created plastercine pictures based on the wild life and plants in the surrounds. We swam and built fires, as well as cooked meals together. We did a garbage sweep of the public areas of the park nearby our camp site and of course cleared our camp site as well. The students were very receptive. They participated in and led many of the activities with high enthusiasm and responsibility. The experience was exceptional. The students had a fantastic time and it was a perfect way to end our year.  We had 23 students participate with 2 adult leaders. We also had support from 2 staff at Egadz (who came for a few hours each day) and parents who drove a couple of students home in the evening who were not allowed to stay overnight. Thank you so much for your support. Without your funding, we would not be able to camp outdoors. You provided us with an invaluable experience.

By: Gillian Strange Grade 7/8 teacher