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Scott Collegiate Wilderness Adventure Club

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Scott Collegiate Wilderness Adventure Club

The Scott Collegiate Wilderness Adventure Club (Stewardship Club) is an extra-curricular group that firmly believes in the benefit of outdoor activities and education for our students. We believe that outdoor activities help students become engaged and ethical global citizens with both a passion for environmental sustainability and a desire for life-long participation in outdoor adventures. In the 2014-2015 school year, the group participated in fun and educational activities such as cross country skiing, outdoor winter and spring camps, in school gardening, canoeing and implementing green initiatives within the school.

Environmental stewardship is an important part of First Nations Culture, which in turn is a major element of our school. Our student population is 98% First Nations, and many of our student population struggle with living below the poverty line. In our stewardship club, we strive to teach students how to have reverence for the environment by exposing them to the beauty and joy of it, provide them with both skills and passion for outdoor activities and by giving them the power to make change through simple community action.

The grant money that we received was used to help fund our spring camping trip, a two night, three day experience at Camp Kinasao located on Lake Christopher from May 27th to 29th. It provided an opportunity for students to learn outdoor activities such as canoeing, archery, plant recognition and medicine picking, and outdoor survival. Participants at the camp included both students from our Wilderness Adventure Club and a project class that incorporated Environmental Science 20/Canadian Studies 30.