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Call for Submissions


Of Land & Living Skies: a Community JournaL on Place, Land, and Learning is seeking submissions for its next issue, themed: Action on Climate Change Through Education

To be published: May 2019         Submissions deadline: March 1, 2019

Of Land & Living Skies is a community journal where theory and practice merge, becoming a space for dialogue within the fields of environmental and sustainability education, and focusing on research, policy, and community practices, as well as inspiring action. There will be a printed copy of the journal and an online version of the journal which will be posted at: www.saskoutdoors.org

We are Looking for:

• Conversation prompts / dialogue initiation (i.e. “letters”) – up to 250 words

• “Research from the Field” article that will go through a peer-review process - 3500 words

• “Digital Traces” article that links media to sustainability education - 750 words

• “Place Practice” article featuring an experiential education program relating to the issue theme – 750 words

• “Curriculum Brought to Life” article featuring an assignment that can be used by educators – one page

• “This is My Place” article highlighting your favourite place – 750 words

• “Towards Decolonization” article describing a personal or educational journey working towards reconciliation – 750-1000 words

• “Photo Essay” - 8 to 12 images, with short accompanying captions

• Poetry and artwork

• “Family Experience” article related to the issue theme – 750-1000 words

• Book/Resource reviews - 375 words

*Articles can be on formal (ie. Early Childhood to Grade 12, post-secondary) and community-based educational practice (ie. non-profit organizations) and/or policy ll submissions should be original work (i.e. not published elsewhere) and can include complimentary artwork and/or photography. If you’ve got a story in mind, an idea about a submission, or a topic or theme for a future issue, please, email us and let us know.

The issue editor will be in touch with you if your submission is accepted and if edits are suggested. We reserve the right to edit your work (with your active involvement), and cannot guarantee publication. Submissions will be reviewed by an editorial board. Please review our submission guidelines below before sending your submission to ofandandlivingskies@gmail.com Authors/contributors to the publication will receive three copies of the issue.

To receive an additional copy of, you must be a member of SaskOutdoors (the Saskatchewan Outdoor and Environmental Education Association). Visit www.saskoutdoors.org to join!

Submission guidelines

• Articles, abstracts, columns, profiles must be submitted as Word documents and should be sent formatted in 12 point, Times New Roman font with 1.25 inch (3.125 cm) margins on each side of the paper.

• Poetry submissions in Word documents can be accompanied by a .pdf file to properly show how the writer wants line breaks, stanza breaks represented. The editors, designers will do their best to comply with the limitations of space and journal format.

• Text should be left justified and single spaced.

• Academic article be formatted to APA 6th Edition.

• Include a blank line between paragraphs but do not indent.

• Please use Canadian spellings and The Canadian Press Style Guide/Caps and Spelling guide.

• Include title and the names of all authors at the beginning of the article.

• Include a separate page (document) with a brief 3 sentence biography of each author, (formatted in 12 point, Times New Roman font with 1.25 inch (3.125 cm) margins on each side of the paper) along with a photograph of each author to be used on our contributors page. Photographs must be a minimum of 350 dpi.

• submit articles as a Microsoft Word email attachment. Do not send as a PDF.

• Do not include: page numbers, word counts, headers or footers, or running heads.

• Photographs need to be provided in JPG 300dpi at 8 x 10


• Each piece of artwork should consist of a single black and white drawing (crosshatching but no shading) on 8.5 x 11 paper, scanned at 600 dpi and provided in .jpg format. Submissions must be emailed to: oflandandlivingskies@gmail.com

A bit of context

As Aldo Leopold remarked, “our educational and economic system is headed away from, rather than toward, an intense consciousness of land” (Leopold 1949/1968, p.223). This community journal would like to encourage our educational systems to move towards an intense consciousness of land and has recognized the need for a space to discuss practice and theory in the field of outdoor and environmental education - or in a broader sense “place, land, and learning”. We would like to contribute to a discourse of “place, land, and learning” within Saskatchewan, Canada, and beyond in order to highlight current practices, theories, research, etc. as well as to provide credibility for programs that are currently in operation in school divisions and communities or for the creation of further education programs.

We recognize the numerous graduate students and researchers in Saskatchewan working on outdoor and environmental education. We hope Of Land and Living Skies will offer a space for this research to directly inform the practices of local educators. Perhaps it will also provide a space for further dialogue amongst researchers, educators, and other practitioners to strengthen such communities of practice.

In other words, Of Land and Living Skies is interested in highlighting ideas, practices, poetry, and other forms of artwork/representations that restore the balance between ecological and social systems with an emphasis on the long-term environmental health of, and relationship between, human and more-than-human communities.

“Place, Land, and Learning” encompasses a variety of fields of environmental and outdoor education including: place-based education, critical education, citizenship education, ecological education, land education, urban education, social justice education, etc.

We understand “Place, Land, and Learning” as a philosophy for personal, cultural, and ecological healing, renewal and creativity.